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Salona 33 Winter

The Salona 33 is the result of an intense collaboration between Salona's own design and engineering team along with external designers, Olympic and professional sailors and interior designers.

What’s more, this new model also incorporates many features specifically recommended by longtime Salona owners — a group with substantial cruising and racing experience. The entire team came together with a single purpose: to design and build a globally competitive sailing yacht that could win any regatta, without compromising on the comfort and safety features expected from a cruising vessel.

As on all Salona models, the stainless steel frame takes the loads from the keel and shrouds and spreads them securely to a wide area of the hull. In order to achieve maximum stiffness and durability, the construction of the new Salona 33 goes an extra step further by adding layers of carbon fiber to carefully analyzed sections of the inner hull liner. This results in the optimum balance between stiffness, durability and weight.

This yacht features the same clean, modern deck lines Salona first introduced in the S38. The cockpit features twin carbon wheels which provides easy access to the open transom. A removable fold down table is mounted on the center line.

Cruising 35 members can day sail the Salona 33 or take it for extended cruises of up to 7 days.