Jim Davidian

After 30 years as a member, Jim took over the helm of the Boston Sailing Center in 2018. During those 30 years as a member, Jim raced regularly on Tuesday nights, taught lessons, captained BVI charters with members, and even assisted with engine maintenance and repair.

Having grown up in Boston, he has always had a love of the sea. As a child, Jim spent his summers in Marion sailing on Buzzard’s Bay. It wasn’t until he joined the Sailing Center that he began to appreciate so many other aspects of sailing – racing, cruising, navigating, and meeting people with the same passion. The Boston Sailing Center has always been a special place for Jim and he looks forward to sharing that with our community of sailors. 


The Team

Dock Staff

Mike Wenzke

Mike had a dream of sailing the Mediterranean, but then one day woke up and realized he didn’t know how to sail.

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Operations Manager

Bob Garber

Originally from Boston, Bob has been sailing for over 30 years and understands the configuration of the Boston Harbor as well as anyone.

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John Mlynczak

John joined BSC as a member in 2021 and started instructing in 2022. Always on the water since he was a child, John enjoys sailing boats of all sizes and enjoys bringing the joy of sailing to others through instructing.

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Philip Zurek

Philip brings sailing experience from an unexpected location: Colorado! He arrived in Boston on the first nice spring day of 2018, went straight to the sailing center, and has been enjoying all that the area has to offer since then. When not cruising around, you can find him teaching (since 2021), Soling racing in the summer, and Frostbite racing in the winter. His goal is to share his knowledge and passion for sailing with every student.

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