Eliza Davidian

Eliza grew up sailing at BSC with her family and joined the dock staff in 2018. She can often be found on the docks in the summer working on fiberglass projects, rigging, and outboard repair. You might also catch her in the water unfouling a prop or just going for a quick swim! In the fall of 2019 she sailed with SEA Semester from American Samoa to New Zealand on a tall ship. She graduated from Whitman College in Washington State as a politics major in 2021.


The Team


Leo Gaskell

Leo has a life-long passion for sailing, and especially for helping other people to get the most out of the sport!

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Office Manager

Michelle Rose

Michelle was born and raised in Massachusetts. She graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in psychology.

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Operations Manager

Bob Garber

Originally from Boston, Bob has been sailing for over 30 years and understands the configuration of the Boston Harbor as well as anyone.

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Peter Galipault

Peter first joined the BSC in the dim, dark and distant past; somewhere around 1986 or ‘87. He started teaching sailing in 1992. Since then his sailing career trajectory has

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