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Island Races

Island Races

This is a great, informal day of racing open to all boats in the fleet, followed by a barbecue back at the Riverboat with your fellow racers.

IslandRaceNEWThe online sign-up is for the party after the race. To skipper a boat in the race make a boat reservation for that day. If you need crew let the office know. If you would rather volunteer as crew (or you are a Student Member), call the office and we will tr to get you on a boat. 

Looking to crew for the island race? This is how it works!

  1. Inform the office you are intending to crew. If we hear that there is a boat looking for crew ahead of time, we will put you in touch with a skipper.
  2. If you do not hear from a skipper, arrive at the listed "crew arrival time" to put your name on the "Wants to Crew" List.
  3. The office will then do their best to match up crew with boats that are racing. If they have an extra spot, you are welcome to join their boat!
  4. We also hold a couple of boats as "crew list only" boats. If we cannot match up crew with pre-booked boats, we will ask any person on the crew list who has a full membership to skipper a boat (usually a Sonar or a J-24) depending on the member's membership level.

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