Membership Cancellation

Membership Upgrades

You may upgrade your membership at any time as follows: The unused portion of your current membership is valued on a prorated basis and is credited towards the cost of your new membership, which is then valid for a year from the day you upgrade. To upgrade you must successfully pass a checkout and navigation test for that category or have taken any courses that may be required for the higher-level membership. 

Membership Cancellation

A membership can be cancelled and refunded within thirty days of the purchase date if the member has not used it. If the membership was purchased with a credit card, BSC will retain a 3% processing fee of any and all amounts paid. Cash and check payments will be refunded in full.  

If a checkout or docking practice was conducted, the non-member private lesson rate of will apply for the water portion for the boat it was held on. 

The membership will be considered active and non-refundable after thirty days from purchase date, or once a boat has been reserved, whichever occurs first. 

Special circumstances warranting a partial refund will be considered if a written request is submitted to the General Manager. 

Membership Suspension or Cancellation by BSC

The BSC may suspend or cancel your membership for non-payment of fees or failure to comply with Policies and Procedures. Additional causes include, but are not limited to, repeatedly leaving boats messy, not reporting damage, or multiple incidents resulting in damage. 

For full membership policies, please see Policies and Procedures. 

Membership Cancellation