Advanced Cancellation + Rescheduling

Boston Sailing Center has cancellation and rescheduling policies in place to properly staff and plan for your course. We ask that you give us enough notice (as listed below) to cancel or reschedule your course. When a course fills, we often must turn away new students, and cannot make up for lost revenue due to last minute cancellations. We do understand that things do come up and we will make every effort to accommodate you within our listed policies.  

If you are a Macro Student, see Macro Cancellation + Rescheduling Policy.

Course Cancellation Policy

Cancelling with greater than 14 days' notice

If you cancel with greater than 14 days’ notice from the first day of your course, you will receive a refund. If you paid with a credit card, BSC will retain a 3% fee of the total amount paid. Cash and check payments will be refunded in full. 

Cancelling with 0-13 days' notice

If you cancel with 0-13 days’ notice to the start of your course, no refund will be given, but you do have options for rescheduling below.  

Course Rescheduling Policy

Rescheduling with greater than 14 days' notice

If you reschedule with greater than 14 days’ notice from the first day of your course, you may reschedule into any open course with no additional fees or waiting periods.  

Rescheduling with 0-13 days' notice

If you need to reschedule within 0-13 days before the first day of class, we can reschedule you on a space available basis. This means that if there is an extra space in a course, you may take it at no additional cost. You will go onto a waitlist for the course(s) you would like to schedule into, and BSC will contact you if the space is still available.  

Space available students will be officially added and confirmed to a course no sooner than 48 hours prior to the first day of class. 

Cancelling Individual Sailing Sessions

If you need to miss an Online Classroom Session, please let us know as far in advance as possible and we will inform you of make-up times. If you need to miss a Sailing Session, please give us as much notice as possible – at least 24 hours. Sailing Session cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice can be made up at the private lesson rate.

Giving us sufficient notice allows us to open a space to others who may also need to make up a class. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the center to organize a make-up.  

How to make-up a class

All Sailing Session make-ups are on a space available basis, meaning if there is an extra spot for the Sailing Session you missed in another course, you are welcome to take it. For Online Classroom Sessions, we can send you a pre-recorded session from a previous course if you cannot attend another session in real time. 

If you need to make up a single Sailing Session, please contact the office directly. Availability is very limited, and you may need to wait several weeks before a session becomes available. If you would like to make up a session on the sooner side, we may be able to reschedule you individually for an additional fee. Reach out to the office for specifics.  

Advanced Cancellation + Rescheduling