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Coastal Navigation meets virtually on Tuesday evenings from 6 to about 8 pm. Before the first class, we’ll mail out the training chart, parallel rules, and dividers that you’ll use for the homework each week, along with the textbook, and the Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book that we’ll use for tide and current problems starting in week three.

We’ll begin classes 2 through 6 by going over the homework from the previous week and reviewing the most important concepts and skills. Each class will also be recorded. So if you have to miss a class, you can download the Problem Set, read through the class slides and textbook, listen to the lecture online, and be confident of catching up the next week.

Class 1: 01/16/2024

Class 1 Materials

Class 2: 01/23/2024

Class 2 Materials

Class 3: 01/30/2024

Class 3 Materials

Class 4: 02/6/2024

Class 4 Materials

Class 5: 02/13/2024

Class 5 Materials

Class 6: 02/20/2024

Class 6 Materials


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