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sailboats on Boston Harbor

Daysailing Membership

Enjoy the use of our Solings and Sonars, according to your membership plan.

Prerequisite: Learn to Sail or equivalent experience and checkout.

Membership Plans

7-Day Access - $1275
Use of the Daysailing fleet for the whole season from 9:00am to sunset.

Weekends - $1170
Sail on weekends only.

Weekdays - $1035
Access limited to weekdays from 9:00am to sunset.

Weekdays 9-5 - $695
Monday through Friday access from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Mini - $510
Thirty consecutive days of access to the daysailing fleet including weekends.

Shared Membership
A shared membership is ideal for a group of 2 or 3 people who usually sail together, but who each want the benefits of membership. Once you have purchased a full year Daysailing membership, up to two friends may join under the same plan for just 50% of the full membership fee per person. A shared Membership may reserve and use only one boat at a time. Call the office to add shares to your membership.