Boston Sailing Center FREE

sailboats on Boston Harbor

Sailing offers a whole new world of excitement, adventure, friendships and fun.

If you're a newcomer, here are a few of the ways we can help you get started:

Open Houses
Come to one of our Free Sailing Open Houses. These are usually held once a month, April through July on a Saturday afternoon. There's no cost or obligation. Just show up! Instructors and Members of the Sailing Center will take you out for a 30-minute sail around Boston Harbor. You can steer, trim sails, or just enjoy the breeze on your face. Check here for the date and time of our next open house, or call us at 617 227-4198.
Open House at the Boston Sailing Center
Learn to Sail Course
When you're ready to take the first step, sign up for a Learn to Sail course. This course will give you a thorough introduction into the fundamentals of the sport.
Macro Programs
If you have a specific long range goal such as becoming qualified to charter a sailboat in warm exotic places by next winter, then consider our Macro Cruising or Macro Coastal Passage Making Programs. These programs combine sequential courses to help you reach your objectives, and cost less than if you took each component course separately.
Caribbean Charter

Take a Tour
Call or visit the Center anytime. During the season we're open 9:00am to sunset seven days a week. We are happy to show you our boats and facilities and discuss which of our courses or memberships would be best for you.

Because every person's sailing experience is unique, we find that a conversation with our senior staff is often the best way to match your sailing skills and interests with our programs.

From free sailing events to instruction to memberships and charters, the Center has the solution to help you Get Underway.