Cruising Course

The images below come from a number of Cruising Courses that we've taught in different seasons (and different weather!) over the past few years. They are arranged to follow a typical cruise itinerary:

Friday night from Boston to the Misery Islands (in fact, they are delightful), Saturday through Gloucester Harbor, the Blynman Canal and Annisquam River around to Rockport, and then outside Cape Ann and back to Boston on Sunday.

men on boat with binoculars
Geoff Rand
A typical course leaves Boston around sunset on Friday, headed north for the Misery Islands.
schooner in the dark
Geoff Rand
One Friday night, a big schooner motored past us just south of Nahant. They were headed for a weekend festival in Gloucester
4 people in an inflatable dinghy
Geoff Rand
A Saturday morning shore party returns from a brief visit to Great Misery Island.
sailboat landing at a fuel dock
Geoff Rand
Saturday morning can also feature a stop at the fuel dock in Manchester-by-the-Sea.
checking the oil on a diesel engine
Oil check.
fueling a sailboat
Geoff Rand
Fueling the boat.
sailor taking a bearing
Geoff Rand
Navigating with the hand bearing compass along the coast outside of Gloucester.
sailboat passing a lighthouse
Geoff Rand
Melissa sails past the light on the Dog Bar at the entrance to Gloucester Harbor, jib-only in a fresh breeze.
sailboat anchored off an island
Geoff Rand
Anchored for lunch.
grilling on a sailboat
Geoff Rand
Lunch on the grill - looks like peppers and onions for the sausages.
train crossing a bridge
Commuter rail trains crossing the Annisquam on the bascule bridge take precedence over sailboats.
sailboat under a railroad bridge
Geoff Rand
Even when the bridge is fully raised, the opening is alarmingly narrow.
cat-rigged sailboat in front of rocky point
Geoff Rand
The trip around Cape Ann takes us past Halibut Point. The rock is waste from an old granite quarry and the tower was built circa WWII to observe coastal defense guns like the ones on Georges Island.
crew on sailboat launching inflatable
Geoff Rand
On the mooring in Rockport Harbor Saturday evening. The crew inflates and launches the dinghy.
sailboats tied to a stone wharf
Geoff Rand
On a two-boat course, Melissa and Invictus are rafted together under Rockport's signature Motif #1.
4 guys eating breakfast on a sailboat
Geoff Rand
Sunday morning breakfast in the cockpit.
sailboat at a wharf foggy morning
Geoff Rand
Sunday morning, waiting for the fog to lift.
sailors retrieving a dock line
Geoff Rand
Sunday morning, getting underway.
man steering a sailboat upwind
Geoff Rand
Sailing home, upwind in a southeasterly down the east side of Cape Ann and past the twin lights of Thacher Island in the background.
blue spinnaker
Geoff Rand
Spinnaker run home. The Boston skyline is just visible through the bow pulpit.
tall cloud building
Geoff Rand
Ominous-looking storm clouds developing over Marblehead Neck
woman steering a sailboat in waves
Geoff Rand
Some decent sized waves built on this Sunday afternoon. . .
man steering a sailboat in waves
Geoff Rand
. . . leading to the inevitable contest of who can hit the biggest number on the knot meter.
sailboat wing and wing with Boston skyline
Geoff Rand
Wing and wing into Boston Harbor at the end of the weekend.
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