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Membership FAQs

Q. Do you rent boats?
A. No. Boat use is by membership plan only. However, we do offered skippered charters on any boat in the fleet.
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Q. Do you sell prorated or partial year memberships?
A. We sell 30-Day Mini memberships in the Daysailing and Mid-Range categories. All other memberships are for one year. If you join mid-season you membership will expire a year later in the next season.
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Q. Are there guest fees?
A. No. Guests sail free. Members are responsible for all guests and belongings, but there are no fees.
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Q. If I'm a member may I sail alone?
A. Members may single-hand only if they have been certified to do so by a Boston Sailing Center manager. In all other circumstances, members must have at least one person with them when they go sailing. Singlehanding for approved members is restricted to the daysailing and mid-range boats.
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Q. Is there a membership test?
A. If you have successfully completed a membership's prerequisite course with the Boston Sailing Center, you are qualified for the membership. If you have not, you must take a checkout with an instructor. The checkout consists of an on-the-water test and a written navigation test. There is a fee for the checkout.
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Q. If I am already a member can I upgrade my membership?
A. You may upgrade your membership at any time and you will receive a credit for the unused portion of your current membership towards the purchase of the new membership. Members receive a 10% discount off membership upgrades and renewals.
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Q. Do you have reciprocal sailing arrangements with any other clubs?
A. We have a reciprocal membership arrangement with the Sound Sailing Center in Norwalk, CT. Contact the Boston Sailing Center for details.
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Q. Do you offer any Family/Shared Memberships?
A. Yes, we offer Shared Memberships for groups of 2 or 3 people who usually sail together but who each want the benefits of membership. Once you have purchased an annual Daysailing or Mid-Range Cruising membership up to 2 friends may join under the same plan for just 50% of the full membership fee for each additional person. A Shared Membership may reserve and use only one boat at a time.
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