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Macro Programs FAQs

Q. What are Macro Prorams?
A. Macros combine sequential courses and Student Memberships to give you the instruction and hands-on experience you'll need to achieve your sailing goals.
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Q. What are the advantages of taking a Macro Program?
A. Students enrolled in Macro Programs receive a Free 45 Day Student Membership. When taken individually, only Learn to Sail comes with a Student Membership after graduation. However, students in the Macro Program receive 45-Days of free boat use on a variety of boats. In addition, Macro Programs offer a significant financial savings compared to taking the courses separately.
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Q. What is the cancellation/reschedule policy for the Macro Programs?
A. You may cancel or reschedule until 14 days before your Learn to Sail start date. Subsequent courses in the program may be rescheduled before their commitment dates.
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Q. How does the Free 45 Day Student Membership work?
A. To activate your Student Membership requires a refundable security deposit. Student Memberships are tailored to the specific Macro Programs accordingly:
  1. After Learn to Sail your Student Membership affords you 30 Days to sail the Solings.
  2. If you're a student of the Mid-Range Cruising or Racing Macro Programs, your Student Membership allows you 15 weekdays of access to the mid-range cruising boats after the Advanced Course.
  3. If you're a student of the Cruising or Coastal Passage Making Macro Programs, your Student Membership allows you 10 weekdays of access to the J24 Mid-Range Cruising boats after the Advanced Course and 5 weekdays of access to the J30 Cruising boats after the Cruising Course.

Students who activate their Student Memberships enjoy a number of other member privileges as well, including participation in a number of Member Parties and Events, use of Crew Lists and Forums, and more.

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